About Me

Hello! Welcome to my Jamberry review blog!


Hi! My name is Sofia Rose, and LynamyBeauty Supply Jamberry Review is my alter ego. I’m a twenty-something part American, part Mexican now living in the sunny state of Florida. As a teenager, I never really got into makeup and all that stuff about nail polish. I remember a friend trying to apply eyeliner on me in the middle of an English class, and another one trying to trick me to put on a nail polish, but I had that much of a fit about it that they couldn’t even get close. I’m still not keen on other people coming anywhere near any part of my face or trying any nail polish, nail art or nail stickers on my nails. However, as years go by and time changed the way I view things, I learned to appreciate the value of makeup and most importantly, of nail products. Nowadays I have a limited but carefully chosen range of nail products, mostly of Jamberry nail wraps collections, and makeup, though rather a large collection of eyeliners. I also used to work as a freelance model to support my friend’s studio.


The one thing I have always had a love for, though, is nail polish. In the past year or so my collection has expanded, especially when I stumbled upon Jamberry. I’m a very picky person when it comes to nail products, and the nail wraps by Jamberry has exceeded my expectations which are why I was more than willing to take part of it by becoming an independent consultant back in 2015. So, this blog has become my way of justifying my purchases to myself. That’s right, all Jamberry items reviewed on this blog have been purchased by myself, or given as gifts from friends/family.


I have been in the Jamberry business for more than a year and I can say that it’s truly worth it. Until I have been offered a job of which I cannot refuse. I decided to resign from being a Jamberry independent consultant to go full-time on the job I’ve chosen.


On the other hand, I am still proud to start this blog and write about things I love, especially about my experience with Jamberry. I also included reviews of the said product, and my reviews will remain frank and honest. This is like my life away from the busy schedules at work and the hectic deadlines – a simple getaway. You’ll be reading a lot from me, so, just a heads up – it’s all about Jamberry.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my page, hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to sharing a conversation with your soon!


Best Regards,

Sofia Rose 🌹